Record Of Ragnarok

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Alternative: 終末のワルキューレ, Shuumatsu no Walküre, Shuumatsu no Walkure, Valkyrie of the End, World's End Valkyrie, Shuumatsu no Valkyrie
View: 91500000 views
Author(s): Takumi Fukui Shinya Umemura Chika Aji
Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Martial arts, Seinen, Supernatural,
Status: Ongoing

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The story begins when the gods call a convention to decide the whether to let humanity live or die, and settle on destroying humanity. But a lone valkyrie puts forward a suggestion to let the gods and humanity fight one last battle, as a last hope for humanity's continued survival. 13 gods will fight against 13 human champions in one-on-one battles to decide whether humanity lives or dies.

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